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Rain or shine, we can provide you with everything you need on your big day. Relax, and let us do the work for you.

Coat Rail Hire

Hiring coat rails is a good way to keep your guest's coats out of sight rather than hanging off the back of the chairs you have hired. We offer coat rails for £9.99 each and we also offer quality wooden hangers available in sets of 50 for only £5.00 each. Each of our 6ft coat rails rail can hold 50 hangers.

Freestanding Screen Hire

Freestanding screens are normally used in offices and trade shows to divide up larger spaces into smaller areas such as display areas or workstations for employees. Each freestanding screen measures 1.8m high by 1.2m wide and can be configured in whatever shape necessary. Available to hire from just £16.99 per week.

Red Carpet Hire

Red carpets are not just for celebrities and royalty. With red carpet hire from chair hire London, you can give your guests the red carpet treatment too. Your event will have the WOW factor from the moment your guests arrive giving them a night to remember! Available in 4m and 6m lengths but if required you can order more than one and join them end to end to create a longer carpet.

Tensa Barrier Hire

Tensa barriers are used for many different purposes but are particularly useful for queue management and controlling the flow of crowds. The tensa barrier is the type of barrier with the retractable strap between 2 or more posts which you would normally find in airports and post offices. Very versatile in their configuration as each post can have a strap attached from 4 different adjacent posts, the tensa barrier is the industry standard for queue management.

Rope & Post Hire

Rope and posts are a great alternative to the tensa barrier which are very similar in function but stylistically different. The gold posts and red rope have a bit more of a classy look than the tensa barrier which makes them more suited to upmarket black tie events. Like the tensa barrier, the rope and posts also can have rope attached in 4 different directions so the choice between them is mainly down to the "feel" you want to achieve at your event.

Gazebo Hire

Gazebos are great for both the summer and winter months. During the summer they provide a shaded area for your guests to sit down and get out of the sun. And with the unpredictable English summers we have, the rain is never far away so the gazebo will also provide a fallback to keep your guest out of the rain. During the autumn and winter months the wind rain and snow can be a constant problem for people organising outdoor events, with a gazebo you can keep your guests dry and happy, even though they may still be cold!

Giant Bricks Hire

Giant Bricks are fantastic fun for people of all ages. If you are having a party, there's nothing quite like giant jenga as an icebreaker. Everyone has their opinion on which brick should be removed next and this gets people talking to eachother. Available for just £19.99 per set.

Lectern Hire

Lecterns provide a place for people who are making a speech or presentation to keep their notes and attach a microphone. Our Lectern features tubes to neatly run any cables through and also has mounts for a microphone to be attached at the left, right, or center. Available to rent for just £19.99 each.

Table Number Hire

Table numbers are used predominantly in events with waiting staff to make it easier to bring food and drinks to the right tables. They are also useful when there is a seating plan so you can direct your guests to the correct table. We have table number cards and table number holders available to hire for just £0.35 and £1.99 respectivley.

Crowd Control Barrier Hire

Crowd control barriers provide safety for your guests at outdoor events such as street parties and parades. This barrier allows you to stop people from wandering into the road or other hazardous areas at your event. Available to hire from as little as £7.99 each!

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