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If you are organising an outdoor event this year, Chair Hire London have a great selection of furniture and other products to help you do this. All of the furniture in this category is suitable for use outdoors as they are made from weatherproof materials. No matter what type of outdoor event you are organising whether it be a festival, concert, boot sale or even just a garden party, Chair Hire London have the furniture you need to make it a success.


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Rain or shine, we can provide you with everything you need on your big day. Relax, and let us do the work for you.

Where can I hire furniture and gazebos for my outdoor event?

An outdoor event or party takes a lot of organising, especially with our unpredictable weather! Although we can’t control the weather, we can help you plan around it so your occasion will be special, come rain or shine. With everything in one place and delivery 7 days a week, including weekends and bank holidays, Chair Hire London is the obvious choice for service and convenience.

Folding Chair Hire

Lightweight, weatherproof and linkable, this practical and low cost chair is an ideal choice for outdoor concerts, parties and fundraisers. At just over 3 kilos, the folding chair is easy to pick up and move but is a strong supportive chair. Safely stacking up to 40 chairs high this chair is great for large events as it minimises setting up and dismantling times. Available in a choice of 5 colours.

Cafe Chair Hire

Made from brushed aluminium with a sturdy modern design, these lightweight chairs offer comfortable back support and are rust and weatherproof. The attractive metal cafe chair will complement any occasion and are a perfect way to offer additional seating outside cafes, bars, restaurants and bistros. Low cost price of just £3.99 each.

Plastic Trestle Table Hire

Perfect for any outdoor occasion; lightweight with strong, easy to handle, folding metal legs, our plastic trestle table offers many flexible seating options. Available in 4 handy sizes offering seating options from 2-10 people, a weatherproof and wipe clean surface, it’s easy to see why this is the number one choice for outside venues. Prices from £3.95

Cafe Table Hire

Along with the matching cafe chair, this smart aluminium table looks great in almost any setting from outdoor parties on patios to bistros and pubs. With a strong stable frame and polished metal surface, the rustproof cafe chair is easy to keep looking perfect and is lightweight for easy manoeuvrability. Only £7.99 each.

Catering Equipment Hire

At outdoor dining events such as fundraisers, street parties and celebrations, having matching white crockery and beautifully laid out tables really makes an instant impact. All our glassware, polished cutlery and tableware is professionally cleaned and comes to you ready for immediate use, saving you time and resources. Prices from only 15p.

Table Linen Hire

Our crisp spotless table linen looks fabulous over the plastic trestle table and when matched with white or contrasting napkins and table decorations can have a stunning visual effect. Size and colour options are available to suit any outdoor occasion and start at a low price of only 59p.

Mobile Bar Hire

Make the most of your outside space with our perfect event accessories; the mobile bar and gazebo are perfect partners and will help make your celebration a memorable one. The stainless steel bar assembles in under a minute, has a solid stable frame and contemporary brushed steel panels. Available with or without LED lighting, just add chic bar stools for the ultimate party must have and is outstanding value from £89.99. Our modern range of bar tools, accoutrements and accessories adds the final touch of class and are available from just 49p

Gazebo Hire

The weather can be a problem at outdoor venues and parties and whether you want to offer protection from the sun or rain or just create extra space, our gazebos are the solution. Available in two useful sizes of 9m² or 13.5m², they are easy to assemble and when paired with our mobile bar, can transform an outdoor space. The gazebos can link together and with interchangeable side and window panels.

Red Carpet Hire

What could add drama to a glamorous outdoor event more than a luxurious red carpet? For sheer opulence and class, there is no greater accessory and paired with ropes and posts, a grand entrance is guaranteed! Available in a choice of 4 or 6m, this is a surprisingly affordable luxury from only £44.99.

Rope & Post Barrier Hire

Complementing the red carpet perfectly, our posts with connecting ropes add elegance to any stylish event and really set the scene. Choose from chrome or gold posts topped with graceful finials and match them with thick rich black or red ropes for instant dramatic impact. Prices from only £13.49.

Tensa Barrier Hire

An essential accessory at larger outdoor events; our tensa barrier allows you to control the crowds in a safe and organised manner. Perfect for outdoor fairs and trade shows, this is an effective and versatile way to managing queues. A solid chrome base and post paired with a strong extendable strap which can stretch up to 2m. The tensa barrier can be hired for as little as £7.99.

Giant Jenga Hire

Encourage lively participation and fun at your outdoor party with our giant Jenga set. Suitable for children but adults will love it too; this is an inexpensive party game that will encourage interaction and a great party atmosphere. A great deal at £19.99.

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