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Hire Chairs in SE18, Woolwich, London

At Chair Hire London we realise that hosting an event can cause a lot of stress. Thatís why we make sure we provide you with the best customer experience in the event hire industry. When youorder chairs from us you can unwind, knowing that we will not let you or your guests down. We deliver 7 days a week so you do not need to be at your venue waiting for delivery of your goods a few days before the start of your event as you can just book delivery on the day of the event itself, even at a time slot of your choice if needs be. We have a vast selection of chairs and other furniture available to hire at the best prices in London, so whatever type of event you are hosting, be sure to get in touch with us for thevery best price and service around.

Areas in SE18, Woolwich

  • Woolwich

  • Plumstead

  • Shooter's Hill

Chair Hire Business SE18, Woolwich, London

Hire Folding Chairs in SE18, Woolwich - The folding chair is the most economical way to seat large numbers of guests at your event. Its also a very functional chair because when not in use they fold completely flat and are stackable up to 50 high which will take up very little space.

Banquet Chair Hire SE18, Woolwich - The Emperor Banquet chair is a great choice for events where your guests are sitting down for lengthy periods because of its soft padded seat and back . This chair is perfect for people who would like a comfortable chair at a fantastic price.

Hire Chiavari Chairs SE18, Woolwich, London - The Chiavari chair is just fantastic. It's made from wood and has a soft padded seat, the chiavair chair is most suited to those events that want a chair that looks the part.

Cheltenham Chair Rental SE18, Woolwich - Our Cheltenham chairs are made from a silver wooden frame and have a soft padded seat. They offer a high level of style and comfort at a fantastic cost.

Bench Rental in SE18, Woolwich - The wooden bench seats up to 4 adults and up to 6 kids. They measure 6'6ft long and are and are great to be used at venues that are expecting lots of guests.

Map Of SE18, Woolwich, London

Information About SE18, Woolwich

Woolwich (pron.: /?w?l?t?/ or /?w?l?d?/) is a district in southeast London, England, located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The area is identified in the London Plan as one of 35 major centres in Greater London.[1] Woolwich formed part of Kent until 1889 when the County of London was created. It is notable as a river crossing point, having the Woolwich Ferry (and the lesser-known Woolwich foot tunnel) to North Woolwich, and as the one-time home of the Woolwich Building Society (now owned by Barclays plc). In 1796 Daniel Lysons wrote, "this place in old charters is called Hulviz, Wolwiche, Wollewic, &c. I can find nothing satisfactory relating to its etymology."[2] But it is now generally believed that the name Woolwich derives from the Anglo-Saxon name, "trading place for wool". Woolwich has been inhabited since at least the Iron Age, and a Roman fort was found in the current Riverside park.[3] Woolwich remained a small Kentish village until it started to become a leading military and industrial town. It was home to the Woolwich Dockyard (founded in 1512), the Royal Arsenal (dating back to 1471), the Royal Military Academy (1741) and the Royal Horse Artillery (1793); the town still retains an army base at the Royal Artillery Barracks (although 16RA Royal Artillery left in 2007, Woolwich Barracks still house the Royal Artillery Band and more recently Second Battalion Princess of Wales Royal Regiment and Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery), and the Royal Artillery Museum, Firepower. The nearby Greenwich Heritage Centre also houses exhibits relating to the Royal Arsenal.

(Source: Wikipedia)