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Chair Hire Company SW1A, Whitehall

Here at Chair Hire London we realise that organising an event can be very hard work. Thatís why we provide you with the best customer service possible. When yourent chairs from us you can relax, knowing that we will not let you or your guests down. We deliver 7 days a week so you do not need to be at your venue waiting for your chairs to be delivered a few days before the start of your event as you can just arrange delivery on the day of the event itself, even at a specific time if needs be. We have a vast selection of chairs and other furniture available to hire at the best prices in London, so whatever type of event you are planning, be sure to get in touch with us for thevery best price and service around.

Areas in SW1A, Whitehall

  • Whitehall

  • Buckingham Palace

Chair Rental SW1A, Whitehall

Rent Folding Chairs SW1A, Whitehall - The folding chair is the most cost effective way to seat large numbers of guests at your event. Its also a very functional chair because when not being used they fold completely flat and can be stacked in sets of 50 chairs which will take up very little space.

Banquet Chair Hire in SW1A, Whitehall - Our Banquet chair is an ideal option for events where your guests are seated for long periods of time because of its soft padded seat and back . The banquet chair is perfect for those who require a comfortable chair at a superb price.

Chiavari Chair Hire SW1A, Whitehall - The Chiavari chair is is a favourite for classy banquets. It's made from limewashed wood and has a comfortable padded seat, the chiavair chair is a popular choice for those events that require a chair that looks the part.

Cheltenham Chair Hire SW1A, Whitehall, London - The Cheltenham chairs are made from a silver wooden frame and have a soft padded seat. They offer a good level of style and comfort at a fantasticaly low price.

Bench Rental in SW1A, Whitehall - Our wooden benches seat up to 4 adults and up to 6 kids. They measure 6'6ft long and are so are ideal for use at venues that are expecting lots of guests.

Map Of SW1A, Whitehall, London

Information About SW1A, Whitehall

Whitehall is a road in the City of Westminster, in central London, which forms the first part of the A3212 road from Trafalgar Square to Chelsea. It is the main thoroughfare running south from the site of the original Charing Cross at the southern end of Trafalgar Square towards Parliament Square. Recognised as the centre of Her Majesty's Government, the street is lined with government departments and ministries; the name "Whitehall" is thus also frequently used as a metonym for overall British governmental administration, as well as being a geographic name for the surrounding area. The name is taken from the vast Palace of Whitehall that used to occupy the area but which was largely destroyed by fire in 1698. Whitehall was originally a wide road that led to the front of the palace. Trafalgar Square was built at its northern extremity in the early 19th century. The southernmost portion between Parliament Square and Downing Street is named Parliament Street. Combined, the streets cover a total distance of about 0.6 mile (1 km). Whitehall is also widely known for a number of memorial statues and monuments, including Britain's primary war memorial The Cenotaph Parliament Street was a small side-road alongside the Palace of Whitehall which led to the Palace of Westminster. When the Palace of Whitehall was demolished, Parliament Street was widened to match Whitehall's width. The present appearance of the street is largely the result of 19th-century redevelopment. Banqueting House, built in 1622 by Inigo Jones, is the only surviving portion of the former palace. Charles I was executed on 30 January 1649 on a scaffold erected outside the building, stepping onto it from a first-floor window. Royalists commemorate the regicide annually on the anniversary of the execution.

(Source: Wikipedia)