The Rise of Pop-Up Events and ten reasons why you should consider one

Pop-up events have been gaining popularity in several industries from select dining experiences to retail marketing. Pop-up events appear to be spontaneous, exciting and have the attraction of a limited existence, which makes them seem exclusive.

If your view of pop-up events is that they are a trendy temporary phase that won’t last and you don’t need to take notice of them then think again. There are loads of reasons why you should consider one for your next event, and if you need to be convinced, here are ten examples:

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Alternative things to do this New Year’s Eve

New Years Eve Fireworks

Are you fed up with having to go out at New Year’s Eve and join in with a bunch of people you hardly know and have fun? It seems that a lot of us are. Raving until midnight and waiting up to hear the chimes of Big Ben in the cold are fast becoming a thing of the past. But what to do instead if you still want to celebrate the New Year?

We’ve got some alternative ideas, see which one lights your fireworks:

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Five steps to ensure your Office Christmas Party is a success

Christmas office parties usually fall into two categories; a great night out with your work colleagues or an embarrassing experience never to be repeated.

Getting co-workers to socialise and let their hair down can be difficult. Sometimes we do not get on with the people we work with, so being forced into a situation where we have to have fun can be tricky.

Employers can also fall foul at this time of year. Spend too little and you risk your employees feeling undervalued. Spend too much and they might wonder why you are paying them so little.

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Seating Guests On A Shoestring

These days everyone has to look for ways to gain value for money. Whether you’re planning to host a large family get together, a special occasion such as a wedding reception, or an important corporate event such as a conference, it’s likely you will have a financial budget to keep to.

Seating your guests will probably take up a large chunk of that budget and the associated dilemmas and challenges can seem overwhelming.

Do you need a variety of types of chairs or benches? Does your preferred selection blend in well with your venue in terms of colour, style and suitability for your event? How easy would it be to obtain extras if the number of guests increases? All this before you even start to think about storage before and after the event

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